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Why Hiring a Professional Translator Gives You An Edge
Learn why serious job hunters turn to professional translators for their resumés and cover letters.
Resumé vs CV
Resumé vs CV is a confusing issue - GeoWord sets the record straight.
Writing a Killer Personal Statement on Your Resumé
Do's and Don'ts on Crafting a Personal Statement
Best Tips for Writing a Professional Resumé

Here's your chance to make a good first impression with these 4 resumé tips.

Attention Students: Don’t Let Limited Experience Limit Your Internship Potential
GeoWord’s top tips for students seeking an internship with little to no experience!
Top 3 Differences between a US and German Resumé

3 things German candidates should know when sending their resumé to a US company.

British vs. US Spelling: Which is Better?
When should you use British or US English on your resumé/CV? Find out here.
3 Things Italians Should Know When Applying for a Job in the US
Key considerations for Italians send their resumé to a US company!
3 Things Every French Person Should Know When Applying for a US Job
Sending your resumé to the US? Know the 3 major differences between a US and French CV/resumé.
Write the Perfect Email Cover Letter
Best practices for sending your cover letter via email plus we'll answer the most common questions!
3 Easy Tips to Build a Strong Resumé
3 tips to build a strong resumé that will get a hiring manager or HR professional's full attention! 
Choosing the Best Professional Resumé Writing Service

Choosing the best English resumé writing service can be daunting and confusing. Here's our guide on how to spot a top-notch professional writing service.

Are Professional Resumé Writing Services Worth It?
Hiring a professional resumé/CV writing service can feel like a big step. Learn when it makes sense and what the benefits are.
3 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Written from the point of view of an HR professional, learn how to get found by top recruiters on LinkedIn.

Getting Your Resumé Through ATS
We'll show you how to ensure your resumé or CV is picked up by a Recruiter's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.
When to Get Creative with Your Resumé

When does it best serve you to get creative your resumé? Find out here