Getting Your Resumé Through ATS

Getting Your Resumé Through ATS

You may have heard of an ATS but what exactly is it?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System and it is software used by Human Resource Managers and Recruiters to identify and rank candidates. ATS software is programmed to scan for resumés that are best matched to a specific job.

The ATS can be programmed to scan for specific qualifications, skills, or keywords. The ATS is capable of scanning thousands of resumés to identify a small pool of candidates, with the top resumés sent to the recruiter for consideration.

Getting Your Resumé Through ATS

To make sure that your resumé makes it through the ATS, your resumé needs to be clearly and correctly written with a focus on your skills, qualifications and achievements as opposed to an overly heavy focus on your objectives.

Not only should your resumé have excellent content but spelling mistakes and poor English grammar can put you out of the running entirely for a position, even if you possess the necessary qualifications. Why? Because an ATS may not detect your resumé if there is a mistake. This applies more so to keywords.

Therefore, the best way to maximize your English resumé in ATS software is to be sure that your resumé is grammatically correct with the right vocabulary and keywords focusing on what you have to offer.

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