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Schedule a video consultation to get personalized recommendations on your current job search or career change. Landing the right job often requires that you think big, feel confident and know your options. Like any important life goal, receiving expert assistance is a critical part of that process that can lead you to success you deserve.

Career Strategy includes:

  • A 45- or 60-minute discussion via video in English, French, Italian or German
  • Understanding your target companies, as wells your life and financial goals 
  • Creating a plan and recommendations on networking and job search tools
  • PDF document with summary of recommendations

To qualify as a student to receive discount prices, your resumé and cover letter must indicate that you are currently matriculated in a college or university and/or have at least a 75% focus on experience gained while in an undergraduate or graduate course.

We charge the same rate for all students from undergraduate level through to masters and PhD level. The only exception is executive MBA students who will be charged at the professional rate.

We are committed to helping make your employment goals a reality. We do not accept refunds, but If you're not satisfied with your final document, let us know. You can submit your issue or concerns from your customer account. We will then revise the document, including a resumé or cover letter, free of charge.

Common questions regarding GeoWord's translation, writing and proofreading services.

What are GeoWord's areas of expertise?
GeoWord’s primary areas of expertise are General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Creative fields. We have a breadth of experience in many sectors within these fields.

How to do I choose the right GeoWord service for me?
Our unique Content Feedback is the best place to start if you’re unsure what your English resumé or cover letter needs. GeoWord experts who have extensive experience in recruitment with leading multi-nationals will read your resumé and provide written feedback pinpointing the exact areas where your resumé needs work. This is a quick and low-cost way to understand what's required to get your documents into tip-top shape.

What is the difference between a resumé and CV?
You may hear the terms CV and resumé bandied about. Are they different? The answer is yes and no.

When applying for a job in the U.S. you will be asked to send a resumé and in Europe you will be asked for a Curriculum Vitae or CV for short. Technically, there is a difference between the two - A resumé highlights or gives a top-level description of your work experience, and a CV provides more detail about your experience, and will therefore, be slightly longer.

Practically speaking however, a CV and a resumé are the same thing - The U.S. resumé and the European CV both spotlight professional experience, education, and qualifications and skills. The team at GeoWord has had extensive experience in recruitment internationally, including in the U.S., and both terms are used interchangeably. So for the purpose of simplicity, the GeoWord website uses the term “resumé.”

There is one caveat though for academic CVs, which have a specialized format and is a comprehensive record of one’s academic, research and teaching experience.

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