Colleges & Universities

    We partner with schools to provide our core services for English resumés / CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, which include:

    • Proofreading
    • Targeted content feedback
    • Translation from French, Italian or German
    • Creating from scratch

    We cater to French, Italian and German undergraduate and post-graduate students who require a pristine resumé in English in order to land a job/internship at a multi-national company like Nestlé or Facebook. We ensure that resumés are not only grammatically correct, but also are culturally resonant and compelling. 

    Our work helps to extend resources in career counseling departments, giving counsellors more time to focus on students and corporate relations instead of correcting resumés. 

    We guarantee our accuracy and quick turnaround times. 

    Download our detailed Services and Pricing PDF

    Why Choose GeoWord

    • Native multi-lingual speakers
      We are native multi-lingual speakers in French, Italian and German with mastery of both British and American English 

    • Extensive recruiting experience
      25+ years successfully recruiting for local and multi-national companies
      with knowledge of what business are looking for in a candidate

    • Highly personalized service
      Your students interface with one editor who will works closely with them to deeply understand their education, work experience, career objectives, and strengths and weaknesses

    • Long-term partnerships with Universities
      We've partnered with elite universities in Europe for over 5 years and proofread and created hundreds of English resumés for a range of sectors including luxury goods, finance, healthcare, technology, design and science-related fields

    What You Get

    • Volume discounts for packages of 25, 60, or 150 resumés / CVs
    • Choice of à la carte pricing and monthly invoicing
    • Balanced emphasis on language, content, style and presentation
    • Delivery windows of 48 to 72 hours

    How to Sign Up

    To sign up or if you have any questions or want to discuss your specific needs, please email or call:

    Manuela Breschi
    +33 (0)1