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Common questions regarding our translation, writing and proofreading services.

GeoWord’s primary areas of expertise are General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Creative fields. We have a breadth of experience in many sectors within these fields.

Our unique Content Feedback is the best place to start if you’re unsure what your English resumé or cover letter needs. GeoWord experts who have extensive experience in recruitment with leading multi-nationals will read your resumé and provide written feedback pinpointing the exact areas where your resumé needs work. This is a quick and low-cost way to understand what's required to get your documents into tip-top shape.

You may hear the terms CV and resumé bandied about. Are they different? The answer is yes and no.

When applying for a job in the U.S. you will be asked to send a resumé and in Europe you will be asked for a Curriculum Vitae or CV for short. Technically, there is a difference between the two - A resumé highlights or gives a top-level description of your work experience, and a CV provides more detail about your experience, and will therefore, be slightly longer.

Practically speaking however, a CV and a resumé are the same thing - The U.S. resumé and the European CV both spotlight professional experience, education, and qualifications and skills. The team at GeoWord has had extensive experience in recruitment internationally, including in the U.S., and both terms are used interchangeably. So for the purpose of simplicity, the GeoWord website uses the term “resumé.”

There is one caveat though for academic CVs, which have a specialized format and is a comprehensive record of one’s academic, research and teaching experience.

Yes, GeoWord does offer student discounts and they already built into our pricing. When you select a service, be sure to select “Student” as your Level. To be eligible for student prices, you must currently be matriculated as a student in a university or college.

Yes, GeoWord offers proofreading, translation and writing services for your LinkedIn profile. We also offer content feedback if you want recommendations on how to improve your profile.

Similar to our services for resumés and cover letters, we can help ensure your profile is written in English that is both error-free and attracts your target employers.

You receive our edits for LinkedIn in a PDF and Microsoft Word document. It is up to you to then input the information into your LinkedIn profile - We do not directly edit your profile. For your security, we do not ask for nor accept your LinkedIn login details.

Yes, all of your personal information will be kept confidential. Once we deliver your final document(s), they will be deleted from our system after 45 days from the last delivery date.

GeoWord accepts PDFs, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe InDesign.

While GeoWord is happy to create your resumé from scratch in English or to translate your resume from Italian, French or German into English, we do not write resumés in either Italian, French or German. GeoWord's focus and commitment is producing top-notch resumes in English only.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@geoword.io.


GeoWord translators are native multi-lingual speakers and can translate your resumé and/or cover letter to English from French, Italian, or German.

Once you upload a resumé and/or cover letter to our website, GeoWord will consider these document(s) the primary information source. We will translate the content and language into either American or British English. We will not delete or add any content to your document.

The final translated resumé and/or cover letter will be delivered via email and to your Customer Account as both a Microsoft Word and PDF document. You can choose between a standard delivery window of 48 - 72 hours or an express delivery of 24 hours.

Our translation services are targeted to those who already have a job-ready resumé and/or cover letter in French, Italian or German, and now require an equivalent in English that remains faithful to the tone and message.

The primary differences between American English and British English are found in several areas: Pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and idioms, as well as formatting of dates and numbers. At GeoWord, we ensure that when you choose either American or British English for your resumé that we will faithfully respect the rules of grammar for each of these dialects in your document.

All documents will be delivered within a 72-hour period from the time you place order. If you require a faster turnaround, then please select “express delivery” to receive your documents within a 24-hour window.


Once you upload your English resumé or cover letter, we will consider these document(s) the primary information source. Your GeoWord editor will review your documents for errors made in English, including spelling, grammar, prepositional phrases, verb tenses, and business terms, and then make corrections as needed; We will not add or delete content to your document(s). We will deliver your final corrected document(s) in Microsoft Word and as a PDF. You can also choose between a standard delivery window of 48 - 72 hours or an express delivery of 24 hours.

All documents will be delivered within a 72-hour period from the time you place order. If you require a faster turnaround, then please select “express delivery” to receive your documents within a 24-hour window.

If you have any questions for your resumé writer or editor, please email contact@geoword.io with the name of your writer and they will respond to you as soon as possible.


Writing & Consultations

When we create your English resumé or cover letter, we will work closely with you to gather pertinent information related to your background, accomplishments, skills and qualifications, and target jobs.

You will need to select a 30- or 45-minute time slot to discuss your objectives in detail with your GeoWord consultant via Zoom. You’ll also need to complete a detailed online questionnaire and upload your most recent resumé and/or cover letter, if you have one.

We’ll send your final resumé and/or cover letter to you via email and your Customer Account area. You have 7 days to review and approve your final documents. If you have any issues or concerns, you can submit them to us as well.

The delivery time of 24 - 72 hours will be subject to your availability for revisions and approval.

With over 25+ years placing executives in top multi-national companies in the U.S. and Europe, our consultants can help you navigate a variety of issues related to changing careers, starting a job search, internship opportunities, networking, the interview process and negotiation tactics.

You can select from a 45-minute or 60-minute consultation with a GeoWord consultant via Zoom at a convenient time for you.

If you need additional time with your GeoWord consultant, feel free to book another session. You can book an unlimited number of consulting sessions.

Yes, after your session, we will provide a summary document with detailed recommendations within our standard 72-hour time frame.


We are committed to helping you achieve your career goals. If you’re not happy with your final GeoWord resumé, cover letter or LinkedIn Profile, we’ll revise them at no additional cost.

To receive a revision, you’ll need to contact us within 7 business days of receiving your document. You can submit your issues or concerns on your customer account or via email at info@geoword.io.

All sales are final, however, GeoWord will revise your resumé, cover letter or LinkedIn profile at no additional cost, until you are happy with your document.

You have 7 business days to submit your issues or concerns. After this time, your document is considered approved and final.