Resumé vs CV

Resumé vs CV

When it comes to job hunting, you will often see terms like “Curriculum Vitae” (or “CV” for short) and “Resumé.” It's not always clear if they mean the same thing, or if they each refer to something completely different. And, if different, then how so?

GeoWord sets out to dispel any confusion, as well as to help make sure you are using the right document for your job goals.

When Applying for a Job in the U.S.

When applying for a job in the U.S. you will be invariably asked to send a resumé. The purpose of the resumé is to secure an interview with a potential employer. While a resumé outlines your job experience and education, it focuses more on your core competencies.

If, however, you work in an academic field in the U.S. you may be asked to submit a CV. In this instance, a CV will list your job experience and education, in addition to detailed information about publications, research, teaching experience, among others. In academia, a CV is focused more on your credentials.

In this respect, a resumé and CV are different.

When Applying for a Job in Europe

In Europe, you will be asked to submit a CV whether you are in academia or not, and the purpose of a CV is to get an interview, similar to a resumé in the U.S. In this case a CV is equivalent to a resumé. 

One common distinction often cited though, is that a CV includes a date of birth and a photo, and a resumé does not.

However, as communication has become globalized, job tools and trends are more frequently adopted across countries and cultures. So, in the case of date of birth and photos, they are used in some countries in Europe, but not in others.

GeoWord Helps You Navigate the Distinctions

In general, we use the term resumé on our website. As a result of our 20+ years headhunting for multinationals around the globe, we not only deliver a top-notch English resumé, but we help you identify the right document for the company and/or countries you are targeting in your job search.

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