Why Hiring a Professional Translator Gives You An Edge

Why Hiring a Professional Translator Gives You An Edge

Given the growing number of cross-border job opportunities, international experience is becoming more important for professionals who are seeking to expand their horizons. Similarly, more companies are also looking for applicants with international experience.

When applying for jobs internationally, it is always advisable to get your resumé / CV and cover letter translated to English, as it is the first point of contact with your potential employer. This sounds like common sense, but this is an important step which many neglect to do.

Translating your resumé and cover letter will show them how well-versed you are in English, as well as your knowledge of cultural norms and your level of comfort with terminology related to your industry and sector.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Translator for your Resumé and Cover Letter

We recommend getting your resumé and cover letter translated by a professional who knows the industry you are trying to break into. It will give you a competitive edge and help you secure interviews, internships and ultimately jobs.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use a professional to translate your CV/resumé and cover letter:

1. Quality Assurance
Professional translators are skilled linguists who can effortlessly translate content from one language to another, which makes them highly sought after. Translating a resumé or a cover letter from French, German or Italian to English can be a tricky process. Translators not only provide you with accurate English grammar and punctuation, but also with knowledge of cultural mores and commonly used terms and idioms.

2. Original Content
Plagiarism is a serious problem in the academic world. However, this can still apply to your resumés and cover letters. It’s most prone to occur when people copy information from various websites and pass it off as their own. Plagiarism can also lead to misinformed facts, which may result in a missed job opportunity. With professional translators, you can be assured of original and authentic content.

3. Compelling Cover Letters
Professional translators are trained on how to craft a perfect cover letter. The cover letter is the first impression you have with a prospective employer, so it has to hook them in, show your desire for the position, and give them an overview of your skills. With a professional translator, you’ll be assured that you’ll have both a compelling and error-free document.

4. Best Resumé Presentation
How you present your content is as important as the content itself. Normally, you have 10 seconds to spark the recruiter or employer’s interest. Many people buy online templates without knowing if it’s the right fit based on the sector and type of position. Others decide to get creative with their resumé layout and look and feel. But unless they’re skilled in graphic design, the result can be confusing and hard to read.  A professional translator can recommend the best resumé style specifically for your goals and needs.

Finding the Best Professional Translation Service

Finding a good resumé and cover letter translation service can be challenging. There are so many to choose from and they come from different backgrounds and have different areas of expertise.

To find the best translation services for your needs, you’ll need to consider factors like cost, quality of work, review ratings, speed of delivery and responsiveness.

Need help in translating your resumé and cover letter? Consider hiring GeoWord who has more than 20 years of experience recruiting for multinationals and native multi-lingual Editors ready to assist in English, French, Italian, or German.

Remember, it is essential that you have an impressive resumé to start with. If you’re not proficient at writing an effective resumé or if English is not your first language, then inevitably your resumé will fall flat. The solution? Hire a professional resumé writing service like GeoWord, one of the top resumé writing services today.

For more information on how a professional resumé writing service can benefit your career, check out our blog ‘Are Professional Resumé Services Worth It?’

Many people use the terms CV and Resumé interchangeably, but there are actually a few subtle differences between the two. Want to know more? Check out GeoWord’s article at Resumé vs CV.

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