Are Professional Resumé Writing Services Worth It?

Are Professional Resumé Writing Services Worth It?

If you have spent time surfing the Internet for help with your resumé, doubtless you have come across a myriad of free resumé writing services. Most of these services are either Resumé Builders or provide Resumé Templates. When does it make sense to use them?

When Free Resumé Builders & Templates Can Help

Websites focused on resumé templates normally offer a slew of template selections with eye catching graphics. While online Resumé Builders are adept at helping you lay out your resumé. These tools may even give you some idea of the type of content required on your resumé.  However, the efficacy of these job search tools ultimately relies on your writing skills: Are your English grammar and content writing abilities good enough to capture recruiters and hiring managers’ interest?

If you’re not proficient at writing punchy resumés or if English is not your first language, then inevitably your resumé will fall flat. Remember resumés are the primary gateway to securing a job interview! And you’ll be judged on both your resumé’s presentation and content.

By now you may be asking yourself the question: “How do I ensure that I have the best resumé possible?” The solution? Hire a professional resumé writing service.

Benefits of a Professional Resumé Writing Service

Targeted Content
A professional resumé writing service will close the gaps in your skill set, especially if writing in English is not your strong suit. A professional service not only provides a good layout, but focuses on the all-important content that highlights your relevant skills and experience, ensuring you stand out as a candidate. A handcrafted resumé is tailored to fit you and better reflects your personality – Your career DNA and fingerprint that are unique to you! This is where template resumés generally fail.

Moreover, a good resumé writing service with an HR background will know exactly what companies are looking for and can perfectly match your experience with the job’s requirements, creating content that will sing to those looking to hire.
Error-Free Grammar
Professional resumé writers are there to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your resumé. In the age of Artificial Intelligence, errors like spelling mistakes and erroneous keywords may put you out of the running for a coveted job.
International Scope
In today’s global marketplace, more and more people are seeking jobs outside of their home market. Perhaps you are Italian, French, or German and need a resumé in English? Many job seekers make the mistake of translating directly from one language to another. This does not work. Often you end up with a resumé that is unintelligible, which will certainly appear sloppy to the reader. A resumé writing service with international language capabilities will ensure that your skillset is accurately reflected in your English resumé/CV.

The verdict is yes they're worth it!

In short, professional and bespoke resumé writing services are the way to go if you have less than full confidence in your writing abilities. For a small investment, you’ll get an error-free, compelling resumé. Going the extra mile will help you stand out in the crowd!

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